Dogworks Service Dogs

Diabetic Alert Service Dog Trainers

Dogworks Service Dogs are certified diabetic alert dog trainers by the Diabetic Alert Dog Alliance, DAD. Our medical service dogs are trained to identify the changes in odor in their handlers medical event. For example some one with living with diabetes, hypoglycemia can be a daily problem. Symptoms can vary from confusion to seizures or comas. Once our service dogs are trained to recognize low blood sugar that is out of normal range for the handler they will alert or get help, before the symptoms are felt. They will bring the handler necessary supplies such as glucose and testing kits.


How To Apply

Guidelines for Eligibility and Acceptance

We are committed to treating every applicant equal. However due to the number of individuals applying for service dogs we must stay realistic about the number of people we can help, therefore we only accept individuals whom we feel can be the most assistance.


Please see our guidelines which help us make the decisions on the applicant who will receive one of our service dogs.


1.  Severity of condition.

2.  The individual’s commitment to ongoing training with the service dog.

3.  The individual’s ability to bond with the service dog.

4.  Geographic location NY,OH,PA,VT,MASS,CT,NJ,MA

5.  Full financial and physical responsibility for upkeep service dog.

6.  Age of individual (5 years to 70 years)